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Building DailyKilobyte - The Research - Pt.1

02 Feb 2018

Before late of 2017, DailyKilobyte was a hobby website for me to fool around. It was once a full blown lawn care service website that I build to test to see if I could get any service requests. To my surprise, within four days of being a lawn care service website, it received its first service request which I turned down due to not knowing anything about lawn care or owning any types of equipment to do so. I think my excuse was that we’re at full capacity and could not accept more clients until so and so date. This project went on to receive a few more service requests in the 30 days or so before I shut down the site. I went on to build out a few more websites after that.

Install Amazon Music with Homebrew

03 Apr 2016

In an efford to save money, I cancelled my spotify subscription and switched to amazon-music since I have amazon prime. However, the process of swithching over to amazon-music has was painful, frustrated, and often time I just want to give up. So in this post, I will attempt to explain how I got amazon-music working on OSX.

Setup Apache on OSX 10.10 Yosemite

09 Nov 2014

With OSX 10.10 Yosemite, apple removed the ability to toggle Web Sharing from System Preferences. But worry not, apache 2.4.9 is installed and ready to go. Since there isn’t a GUI to toggle the option anymore, we’ll do this from Terminal.

Setup Ruby on Rails on OSX Mavericks

26 Sep 2013

A couple of days ago I decided to turn my one year old gaming PC into a hackingtosh. It process was fairly easy, a lot easier than the last time I tried. Unlike upgrading your (legit) MBP or iMac form Mt. Lion to Mavericks (still in developer preview), the data are saved. Doing a clean installation of the OS means that I have to install everything from scratch.

Building github pages with jekyll

18 Sep 2013

My hosting service with dreamhosts ended a little over year ago, I didn’t want to renew it partly beause I was using wordpress at the time to blog. I like wordpress, its a flexible platform to use and create many things. In my opinion, I just feel that it is no longer a good blogging platform. Its too big and heavy for that now. It doesn’t help that I have a shared hosting so my site is constantly slow. is live again

13 Sep 2013

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