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Setup Ruby on Rails on OSX Mavericks

26 Sep 2013

A couple of days ago I decided to turn my one year old gaming PC into a hackingtosh. It process was fairly easy, a lot easier than the last time I tried. Unlike upgrading your (legit) MBP or iMac form Mt. Lion to Mavericks (still in developer preview), the data are saved. Doing a clean installation of the OS means that I have to install everything from scratch.

Building github pages with jekyll

18 Sep 2013

My hosting service with dreamhosts ended a little over year ago, I didn't want to renew it partly beause I was using wordpress at the time to blog. I like wordpress, its a flexible platform to use and create many things. In my opinion, I just feel that it is no longer a good blogging platform. Its too big and heavy for that now. It doesn't help that I have a shared hosting so my site is constantly slow. is live again

13 Sep 2013

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