This is the personal weblog of Vietson Nguyen. Hosting is provided my github.io (github pages) with Jekyll. My focus on this weblog varies from time to time.

Vietson Nguyen is a developer from Charleston, South Carolina and is currently an employee at Jack Russell Software, a division of Tabula Rasa Healthcare.

In his free time (if there are any), he likes to read (programming, design, start-up) books, watch college football, create small web apps just to destroy it once complete, drink (fruity) beers, hang out by the pool or beach, converse about technologies, listen to people talk, and so much more.

He founded a web development start-up Object Operator in 2013 to help start-ups, agencies, and cooporations thrive online. Specializing in web development, e-commerce, and long term support.