Install Amazon Music with Homebrew

In an efford to save money, I cancelled my spotify subscription and switched to amazon-music since I have amazon prime. However, the process of swithching over to amazon-music has was painful, frustrated, and often time I just want to give up. So in this post, I will attempt to explain how I got amazon-music working on OSX.


In this section, I assumed that you have homebrew and homebrew cask installed. We will need to install two apps via homebrew.

brew search amazon-music
brew cask install amazon-music

brew search cleaner
brew cask install appcleaner

Clean Up

Before you event attempt to open amazon-music, don’t bother because it will not open.

Instead, open AppCleaner, search and select Amazon Music, then select all the checkboxes except for Amazon Music app itself, and click removed.

Start Up

Now, try to open Amazon Music app. It will take about 5 to 10 secs for it to load.

Future Fixes

In the future, if your amazon app refuses to start or load again. Run the “clean up” again or completely remove the app and re-install.