Building github pages with jekyll

My hosting service with dreamhosts ended a little over year ago, I didn’t want to renew it partly beause I was using wordpress at the time to blog. I like wordpress, its a flexible platform to use and create many things. In my opinion, I just feel that it is no longer a good blogging platform. Its too big and heavy for that now. It doesn’t help that I have a shared hosting so my site is constantly slow.

One of the many troubles for me was creating a simple layout (theme). I’ve been away from wordpress way to long I guess, but it used to be creating a theme in wordpress was really simple. Sadly, it’s not like that anymore. I was actually creating a theme at the time, when I was about 90ish percent done I decided to use a the Twenty Twelve theme instead. Truth, I was frustrated with having to open up the ftp and find the files that I want to update and drag it over. To be fair, dreamhost did (or still does) have a git wiki documentation which I couldn’t get it work. Their suppost was little to no help.

A few days ago, I decided that I’m going to put my domain back online and start blogging again. I blog mainly to improve my writing (or technical writing) and my vocabularies. I purchase all my domains through godaddy, so I have a few free hosting accounts with them through some promotions they have a while back. I went through the entire process again, upload wp, install wp, work on that theme that I started a while back. About 3 days in, I gave up. I just can’t do it, I hate using ftp to upload files. Particularly, when I have to find that one file that’s 3 or 4 level deep locally, do the same on the ftp and repeat that step 100x within a few days. It was painful.

By chance, I found that offers free hosting. The setup processes were super easy. I got it up and running in minutes. To setup it up with Jekyll, which I recommend was fairly simple as well. Whatever you’re seeing now took me about about a day of total work to get it up and running. But truth is, I took this long because I was playing around with the layout. The layout changed about 6 times before I settled with this one.