Setup Ruby on Rails on OSX Mavericks

A couple of days ago I decided to turn my one year old gaming PC into a hackingtosh. It process was fairly easy, a lot easier than the last time I tried. Unlike upgrading your (legit) MBP or iMac form Mt. Lion to Mavericks (still in developer preview), the data are saved. Doing a clean installation of the OS means that I have to install everything from scratch.


At this moment, XCode is currently version 5 DP5. Open up the “App Store”, search and install Xcode. When the installation is done make sure you fire up Xcode and agree to the terms and conditions.


Visit RVM and follow the directions to install ruby and rails.


Visit Homebrew and follow instructions to install. Installed wget right after homebrew is installed.


I experienced some of these problems when using brew to install mysql, couchdb, and mongo. No issue with postgres, sqlite, and redis.

Installing MYSQL, there are two problems when installing this.

CMAKE is required and failed to install. This is because xcode cli is included in xcode 5 so the expected header files are no longer in /usr/include. The fix is simply to install cli via terminal “xcode-select –install” (source). When this is done, install cmake with brew install cmake (-v for verbose).

After installing cmake, mysql will most likely continue to fail to install. The easiest and fastest way to fix this is to change the productVersion to 10.8 of /System/Library/CoreServices/SystemVersion.plist (source).

Changing the productVersion to 10.8 solved a lot of problems when using brew install stuff. So if something doesn’t work for you, change the productVersion to 10.8 and change it back when done.